Re: Postfix inbound message configuration

From: mouss (no email)
Date: Mon May 03 2010 - 17:15:04 EDT

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    Ansgar Wiechers a écrit :
    > On 2010-05-03 Trier, James wrote:
    >> I'm standing up Postfix to intercept inbound email to a particular
    >> domain. What I'd like to do is take the inbound emails that reach this
    >> Postfix host, regardless of its final destination address, and place
    >> them on the file system as a flat file. And that's it. We have another
    >> custom application that is going poll that directory and run some
    >> customizations on the messages and then forward them to an internal
    >> application that is using JAVA Mail to process them.
    >> Does anyone have any examples or simple solutions for this
    >> configuration?
    > Set up a catch-all mailbox on the Postfix host. Use procmail to store
    > all mail to that mailbox in Maildir format.

    There is no point to call procmail. postfix can deliver to Maildir

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