Re: filtering messages without using another LDA

From: Mauro Faccenda (no email)
Date: Mon Mar 22 2010 - 17:36:42 EDT

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    Hi Robert,

    On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 5:53 PM, Robert Schetterer
    <> wrote:
    >>> 1.
    >> I took a look at it and, unless I missunderstood, I'll need to add a
    >> line for each mailbox in the database and that's inviable for my
    >> setup.
    > Hi i didnt analyse
    > deeply yet
    > but with dovecot lda deliver you can have
    > all quota stuff in mysql so
    > it should be possible
    > to have a policy daemon using dovecot-quota-mysql
    > dont know if postfixquotareject can be used for that yet
    > but its code should be a possible example layout for writing
    > a policy server for dovecot-quota-mysql
    > i will test this in the near future
    > i have vda patch up and running too without any problems but my goal
    > ist using the policy server variant as it feels more code clean to postfix

    My setup uses LDAP (MS Active Directory) as a backend. I need that
    when someone creates a user in the AD and sets it's e-mail address,
    automatically that account can receive e-mails.

    I'm using the Dovecot LDA (deliver) quota management and it's working
    properly, but I'd like to reject messages in SMTP time, so the sender
    can have a comprehensive error message without needing to send him a
    bounce messages.

    Right now, I can silently drop the message with 'deliver'. It's not
    the ideal situation that I'd like to have, but it's already

    Thank you for your attention. ;)


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