Cleanup is slow for mail received by SMTP

From: Dave Green (no email)
Date: Sun Mar 21 2010 - 17:36:24 EDT

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    Postfix 2.6 running on OpenBSD works well as a mail server but there is
    one specific problem for which any advice is gratefully received.

    cleanup takes a long time to complete when email with attachments is
    received via SMTP but not when mail arrives via pickup. This presently
    causes problems for our webmail users as their HTTP session will often
    timeout as postfix may take several minutes for email with relatively
    large (2-3mb) attachments. can anyone shed any light on why this might be?

    cleanup -v shows the delay occurs just after cleanup_header_callback with
    the delay proportional to attachment size. Delay will occur for any SMTP
    session, including those from both localhost and remote servers. No header
    or body checks are used at all for this postfix installation and I have
    tried setting receive_override_options=no_header_body_checks on the off
    chance but this did not affect the situation.

    Mar 21 20:33:44 imp postfix/cleanup[23289]: cleanup_header_callback:
    'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="test.bin"'
    Mar 21 20:35:19 imp postfix/cleanup[23289]: POP boundary

    Included below are examples from /var/log/maillog of the delay via STMP
    and it's absence via pickup. postconf -n,, a log of cleanup -v
    for mail received by SMTP and the test attachment used are available from

    Kind regards,
    Dave Green

    Mar 21 20:06:52 imp postfix/smtpd[29129]: connect from[]
    Mar 21 20:06:53 imp postfix/smtpd[29129]: 1BC4F4021E:[]
    Mar 21 20:06:53 imp postfix/cleanup[8311]: 1BC4F4021E:
    Mar 21 20:08:30 imp postfix/smtpd[29129]: disconnect from[]
    Mar 21 20:08:30 imp postfix/qmgr[2958]: 1BC4F4021E: from=<user at domain>,
    size=2870865, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

    Mar 21 20:12:23 imp postfix/pickup[3623]: B939C4021F: uid=1234 from=<user>
    Mar 21 20:12:23 imp postfix/cleanup[291]: B939C4021F:
    Mar 21 20:12:23 imp postfix/qmgr[2958]: B939C4021F: from=<user at domain>,
    size=2874566, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

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