Re: reroute mail based on headers

From: Ryan Suarez (no email)
Date: Wed Mar 17 2010 - 17:17:44 EDT

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    Noel Jones wrote:
    > On 3/17/2010 3:53 PM, Ryan Suarez wrote:
    >> Noel Jones wrote:
    >>> On 3/17/2010 3:35 PM, Ryan Suarez wrote:
    >>>> Greetings,
    >>>> I would like to reroute mail for all our recipients if a certain
    >>>> header
    >>>> is present.
    >>>> Eg. Mail to '' has the header 'SomeHeader'. I would
    >>>> like
    >>>> to reroute this email to ''.
    >>>> What is the best way to accomplish this in postfix?
    >>>> thanks,
    >>>> Ryan
    >>> See and look for the
    >>> REDIRECT action. Use it with a header_checks rule something like:
    >>> /^X-MyHeader: foo/ REDIRECT
    >>> -- Noel Jones
    >> Thanks for the response Noel. It looks like REDIRECT only works with a
    >> specific destination. I would like it to work for all users. Eg.
    >> , header 'MyHeader' --->
    >> , header 'MyHeader' --->
    >> , header 'MyHeader' --->
    >> Does an entry in header_checks need to be defined for each recipient? If
    >> so, it wouldn't be feasible due to the number of addresses we have.
    >> Is there another way to accomplish this?
    >> regards,
    >> Ryan
    > The header_checks REDIRECT action works as described in the man page,
    > ie. it examines one header and will redirect to a single recipient.
    > If that doesn't suit your needs, please describe in detail the problem
    > you are trying to solve, maybe there is a solution.

    I'm not sure what other details you need. The exact problem is listed
    above. But some background:

    Cisco Unity allows users to receive their voicemail through email (as
    .wav attachment). This email contains the header
    'X-CiscoUnity-MessageType'. They can also forward their voicemail to
    another user through email by sending it to

    But this entails that a user remember the unityserver domain. We'd like
    the process to be cleaner by allowing forwards to their public address.
    Then our smtp will be responsible for rerouting it to the unity
    server. Hope this helps.

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