Re: qmgr watchdog timeout

From: QIng=2E_Andr=E9s_E=2E_Gallo=22?= (no email)
Date: Tue Mar 16 2010 - 16:34:48 EDT

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    El 16/03/2010 17:23, Wietse Venema escribió:
    > Postfix runs fine on FreeBSD 8 (here, since November 2009) as well
    > as any FreeBSD vesion that I have been running since I started work
    > on Postfix in 1997.
    > Your problem is a broken operating system that causes timeouts in
    > Amavis, Postfix, and in other programs.
    Fine, just amavisd and postfix.
    > This is the Postfix mailing list. It is not the right place to debug
    > broken operating system installations.
    I got it, thanks again!
    > Once you have a properly working operating system, you are welcome
    > to ask any Postfix related question here.

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