Whitelist: ~user/.postfix_whitelist; chmod 600 .postfix_whitelist?

From: Radio Tron (no email)
Date: Tue Feb 02 2010 - 08:19:36 EST

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    Hi, I'm a volunteer on an OpenBSD free-shell (cyberspace.org). Staff has turned off email because of SPAM (hogs our bandwidth and staff time).

    1. Can we configure postfix such that it first checks a user's home directory for a .postfix_white-list file and accepts mail (MAIL FROM:) only if there is a match between what's in the white-list file and what it sees in the MAIL FROM field?

    2. Can we configure outgoing mail such that postfix delivers only 5-mails/5-hours/user?

    3. Can we group users into categories? Some get 0mails/hr, 5m/5h, 10m/5hr etc..

    4. Can we collect statistics to see who receives and sends a lot of mail?? (mailing list traffic, etc)

    I checked the Definitive guide but it talks of a system wide white-list of domains(smtpd_sender_restrictions), but I was wondering if you could do that on an individual basis.. setting up some kind of regex (*.yahoo.com or ) which can be removed when required if she turns abusive. Basically we could then provide a web-based white-list adding program on the users home page. Is there some way to store the hash postfix uses in each individual users home_dir vs storing it centrally??

    Thank you for your time.


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