Re: SMTP-AUTH *without* SASL/PAM?

From: Barney Desmond (no email)
Date: Thu Oct 29 2009 - 21:26:27 EDT

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    2009/10/30 Seth Mattinen <>:
    > Keith Palmer wrote:
    >> OK, thanks... but that doesn't answer my question.
    >>>> Is it possible to configure Postfix for SMTP-AUTH *without* using
    >>>> SASL/PAM?
    >> I'd like to *not run SASL at all* rather than have it do the lookups.
    > Use the dovecot auth method. In spite of the name in the docs, no SASL
    > is involved whatsoever. I run dovecot on a few servers with all the
    > pop3/imap parts disabled just for auth.

    Uh, it *is* still SASL, unless I've misunderstood that.

    To clarify: there is no way to avoid using SASL. SASL is the protocol
    that Postfix uses to ask Someone Else for authentication. Postfix
    supports no other authentication mechanisms. (the fact that the only
    SASL backends in existence (basically) are POP/IMAP servers is what
    usually confuses people).

    If you have no particular requirements or existing configuration,
    installing Dovecot and using it as your SASL backend is the easiest
    way to go.

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