Re: hold all relayed mail by default

From: mouss (no email)
Date: Mon Mar 09 2009 - 18:15:26 EDT

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    Costin Guşă a écrit :
    > On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 3:55 PM, Jorey Bump <> wrote:
    >> Charles Marcus wrote, at 03/09/2009 09:42 AM:
    >>> On 3/9/2009, Costin Gu_ () wrote:
    >>>> yes, it's true that people expect instant delivery; however I was
    >>>> thinking at short delays such as 5 minutes, since most regrettable
    >>>> errors are discovered within the next few seconds following the event,
    >>>> so keeping the mail in queue for extra five minutes wouldn't bother
    >>>> the majority.
    >>>> note that I didn't mention that I actually _want_ to do this, but this
    >>>> has come up as a proposed solution to these kind of people with whom I
    >>>> am interacting - I am supporting the IT in a field where being
    >>>> computer literate is not a mandatory skill for a manager.
    >>> This is actually an interesting idea... but I think it should only be
    >>> available on an opt-in basis, where the end user understands that all of
    >>> their mail will be subject to this delay...
    >>> I wonder how hard some kind of automatic script processing would be,
    >>> where the user could just add a 'RECALL' to the subject beginning, and
    >>> have postfix delete the message from the queue if it found a match with
    >>> the sender and subject and then deliver a confirmation, or simply send a
    >>> 'Too late' response if there is no match...
    >> Isn't this best implemented at the MUA level? At the very least, a user
    >> can simply save drafts of all composed email, then review & send
    >> messages periodically. Not only does this address the problem, it is
    >> more convenient for everyone, including the user, who can edit the
    >> message in place before finally sending.
    > composing drafts still does not prevent you from making mistakes when
    > you click "send" button on an unrevised draft. for example, you are
    > sure of the content but you could wrongly select the recipient in a
    > hurry. or mistype it. or be convinced that typing the very few letters
    > would select the contact it used to be selected, but by the chance a
    > new contact has been entered into the mua address book cache... and so
    > on.

    everytime this happened to me, I only realised after I saw the recipient
    reply, or after many days...

    I actally thought of implementing this just for me (in which case, there
    is no interface problem, since I have full control on the server and I
    don't need a fancy UI....), but I realized that I would click on
    "recall" instantly anyway...

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