Accepting sender with MX _only_

From: Halassy Zoltán (no email)
Date: Sat Mar 07 2009 - 18:30:51 EST

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    I don't need to say, if your server is popular, you'll get a dozens of
    spam too. Lately i am getting random mails from
     . I am using address verification, so
    they usually not coming in, cause port 25 is not open on (no MX record on www, so falling back to A, says
    the RFC). But since it comes from a foreign mailqueue, they show up a
    lot of times in my log (annoyingly huge amount), hence "a temporary
    error in address verification" which gives 450 code.

    So, is there a way (other than modify postfix source code) to drop
    mails, when there is no MX records associated with the right-hand side
    of the '@' (sender's e-mail domain) ? (i dont care about the A record,
    spams has nothing to do with RFCs, and sane e-mail domain has an MX
    record anyway)

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