Re: mysql lookup errors

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Date: Mon Mar 02 2009 - 15:31:04 EST

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    On Mon March 2 2009 12:51:23 kj wrote:
    > I'm seeing this in the logs:
    > Mar 2 18:18:05 web postfix/cleanup[27207]: warning: mysql query
    > failed: MySQL server has gone away
    > Mar 2 18:18:30 web postfix/pickup[26468]: E381E7102B3: uid=48
    > from=<apache>
    > RHEL5, with the stock Red Hat rpm recompiled with mysql support.

    That RPM is probably chroot'ed by the distributor. My first guess is
    that you're seeing a chroot problem. My second guess, SELinux. In
    either case, seek support from your vendor for these problems.

    > 1. What could possibly cause postfix to have lookup problems when
    > nothing else does? The server did run out of disc space a few days
    > ago. I did a postsuper -s -v which didn't show any problems. Could
    > the disc space issue have damaged something?
    > 2. Is there a way to enable debugging output for connections from
    > apache?

    Uh, "connections from apache", what? Is that a Postfix question? If so
    see postconf.5.html#debug_peer_list and list the IP address of the
    client. See also DEBUG_README (which will also describe the chroot
    issue and how to get out of it.)

    However, the logging in your post did not show any "connections from
    apache," it showed submission via sendmail(1) by your apache user.
    Try "man sendmail" or sendmail.1.html.

    > 3. I looks like the query fails when the mysql connection has timed
    > out. Can postfix be told to reconnect automatically instead of
    > accepting it as a failure?

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