RE: Your Email (SOLVED)

From: Daniel C (no email)
Date: Sun Mar 01 2009 - 08:55:43 EST

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    I think I solve the issue...!!!

    The problem was really coming from a dual submit using IMAP connections. SASL-Cyrus was activated correctly, but in my /etc/courier-imap/imap config file, the line:

    Was set, which was doing this:

    # If OUTBOX is defined, mail can be sent via the IMAP connection by copying
    # a message to the INBOX.Outbox folder.

    So when a mail was submitted via IMAP, mail was sent through SMTP, and a copy was sent using Courier-IMAP.

    Thanks everyone for the help, insight and explanation on how mails were delivered.



    >> What user does amavis run as? What you say that Postfix uses "this new
    >> user", what do you mean by that?
    > Amavis is running as user: amavis (uid: 102) and group: amavis (gid: 408). Maildirs are stored as user imap (uid: 1000) and group imap (gid: 1000). Postfix is running as postfix (207/207). I added the user imap/imap to seperate the maildir storage directory from the postfix dir.
    >> Come on, there is no basis for this conclusion, indeed the opposite seems
    >> likely, the extra copy has:
    > I've just flashed onto something. Is it possible that when an email is sent, the client is authenticated with IMAP credentials, and then again with the SASL-Cyrus? From both header, it seems that one came from IMAP, and the other from the server, which could explain that...?
    >> Are you saying that Postfix adds the "X-IMAP-Sender" header that is not
    >> in the original SMTP message? The second copy is injected by user 1000,
    >> what is running as that user now?
    > I don't know which email is the original, and which is not... As for the user 1000, it's the user that stores the mail. There's no process running it, just those directive in
    > virtual_gid_maps = static:1000
    > virtual_uid_maps = static:1000
    >> Don't waste your time looking for Postfix bugs. The unwanted duplication
    >> will be found in non-Postfix code, unless you find it, you will make
    >> no progress. Pursue this on the amavis list.
    > I didn't say it was a postfix bug, maybe a misconfiguration from my part from postfix, or one of the other daemon.
    >> From your logs, below are shown the ONLY deliveries performed by Postfix.
    >> No Postfix delivery is via a delivery agent that is capable of calling
    >> sendmail(1) to fork the message, because lmtp(8) and virtual(8) simply
    >> don't have code to do this. All deliveries before virtual(8) delivery
    >> are to amavis, which is presumably still running as the wrong user
    >> (1000 just like virtual(8) and the IMAP server, instead of a dedicated
    >> user). Your amavis config forks the message. Don't do that.
    > Thanks for the analysis. Look at the top of my mail for the uid/gid usage. I'm really beginning to think there's a dual authentication somewhere. Or maybe a misconfiguration in amavis...
    > Daniel

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