Re: Multiple Bcc: recipients and delivery after fetchmail

From: Magnus Bäck (no email)
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009 - 11:05:26 EST

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    On Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 16:54 CET,
         Zoltan Balogh <> wrote:

    > I have a setting with two postfix servers:
    > - the server1 is a MX for many virtual domains including;
    > - the server2 retrieves mail with fetchmail from server1 via POP3 and
    > distributes it to local users' mailboxes.
    > server1 is set up in a way that a mail addressed to let's say 5
    > recipients is delivered as one message (which is what I
    > expect). The message is then downloaded by fetchamil to server2 and
    > distributed based on To: and CC: header information to local
    > mailboxes.

    Email must not be delivered based on header recipients. Sorry, but this
    is just wrong. Multi-drop POP mailboxes is difficult and error-prone.
    The server from which you fetch the messages must split the messages
    and insert the original envelope recipient into each message (which
    typically means that a message with N recipients turns into N
    single-recipient messages).

    > The problem in this setting arises when the recipients
    > are listed in Bcc: - server1 receives the email and delivers it as one
    > instance, of course without Bcc: header information, to local mailbox
    > - server2 downloads the message but is unable to decide where to
    > deliver the message, because there are no information about recipients
    > in the mail header.
    > Is there a way to solve this on server1? I mean adding recipients
    > somewhere to the mail header so server2 knows where to deliver? I
    > already tried to set "enable_original_recipient" to "yes" - in that
    > case a "X-Original-To:" is added but one copy of the mail is delivered
    > for each recipient on server1. Or would adding other header
    > information solve this (e.g. "X-Envelope-To")?

    Is it a problem that you get one message per recipient? More data, yes,
    but on the other hand you get correct deliveries.

    Magnus Bäck

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