Re: Accepting messages only for valid users in a secondary MX server

From: Santiago Romero (no email)
Date: Mon Feb 23 2009 - 12:20:33 EST

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    > Postfix calls domains that it accepts mail for but delivers elsewhere
    > (such as MX backups) relay_domains. You can use a plain text file or
    > any supported postfix map type.
    > The list if valid recipients in those domains is specified in
    > relay_recipient_maps. Specify one or more map files listing the valid
    > recipients; all other recipients are rejected.

     My question is : Can I have domains in relay_domains for which I check
    relay_recipient_maps and domains for which I don't check it?

     Example: -> My main domain, I know accounts in the primary MX -> I work as MX backup for it, I don't know their accounts

    relay_domains =,
    relay_recipient_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/valid_relay_accounts

     If I define N (let's say 100) accounts for in
    valid_relay_accounts and 0 accounts for, what would
    postfix do with with emails? Would postfix reject or
    accept it (no accounts defined in relay_recipient_maps por it).

     My problem is that I have knowledge of accounts of SOME of the domains
    I act as MXBackup for... and I want to "check rcpt to" only for those
    domains, while accepting any RCPT TO for the others.


    Santiago Romero

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