pipe - setup question

From: Jon Drukman (no email)
Date: Wed Feb 18 2009 - 14:20:07 EST

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    I read this page http://www.postfix.org/FILTER_README.html but I am
    not having any luck getting my pipe set up.

    I want to make it so all mail destined for a particular subdomain is
    run through a script and then discarded.

    The 'all mail for a subdomain' requirement makes me think I need to
    use the virtual map. Can you connect the output of a virtual domain
    to a particular transport? I haven't had any success getting it to

    i added this line to master.cf:

    myfilter unix - n n - 10 pipe flags=Rq user=filter argv=/usr/bin/php

    and this line to transport:
    in.mydomain.com myfilter:

    not sure what to add (if anything) to virtual. i tried this:

    in.mydomain.com virtual


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