Re: Yahoo and spams

From: Robert Schetterer (no email)
Date: Sat Feb 14 2009 - 06:24:24 EST

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    ddaas schrieb:
    > Hi, thanks.
    > One more question: I have virtual hosting on my server. This means
    > that the reverse dns of the server ip is and the EHLO
    > hostname is
    > Could this be a problem? I mean the server tries to reverse the ip and
    > it doesn't get what's in EHLO.
    > Yes it is not a postfix issue. I wrote here because I use postifix as
    > the e-mail server and any configuration or misconfiguration that
    > doesn't like is server related.
    > Sorry, I will not go further with this thread.
    > Thank you
    > mouss wrote:
    >> ddaas a écrit :
    >>> Hello everybody !
    >>> We have a lot of clients that have yahoo e-mails.
    >>> Yahoo accept e-mail from our server but by default sort them as spams.
    >>> What could it be? Does anyone know what does yahoo like or dislike?
    >>> They don't have words related to spams, they are not advertisment etc.
    >>> Related the keywords I think no system could sort the emails as spams.
    >>> There should be something else.
    >> if you send a lot of mail, you need to ask to be whitelisted. there's
    >> nothing else you can do and nothing we can do for you.
    >> if you can't get whitelisted, you may try asking (some of) your
    >> recipients to mark your messages as non spam. this may help you acquire
    >> a good "yahoo reputation". (yes, do that with your test accounts, but
    >> this may not be enough).
    >> of course, if some of your recipients explicitly tag your mail a spam
    >> (they hit the "this is spam" button), this will not help you...
    >>> I post the header from such a e-mail (from yahoo):
    >>> [snip]
    >> the only interesting thing in the headers would have been your IP and
    >> your helo name, but you obfuscated them. result: these headers are useless.
    >> anyway, this is not a postfix issue.
    Hi its like mouss said,
    yahoo and aol will mark your mails as spam
    sometimes, or block you in total
    even if you postfix has super optimal setup
    (helo matches, spf, dkim etc )
    the only thing helps is whitelisting
    using their guis, their Antispam
    systems are simply broken in my eyes

    Best Regards
    MfG Robert Schetterer

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