postfix + maillist + "return receipt"

From: maximatt (no email)
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 08:40:19 EST

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    i have the following request, that i couldnt resolve yet....

    the context is (for example):

    - some mailusers like: , ,...,

    - maillist like: that content the users

    so.. if i send mail from user10 to list1, the message was receive ok for
    user1 to user5.
    here all ok...

    but... if the message sended for user10 to list1 contains "return receipt",
    these return receipt is send to the sender, that is user10...

    the request say that the return receipt was sended to all memeber of list,
    once that the message was read for some user in maillist

    How could i do to the return receipt was sended to list1 and for these way
    the return receipt are receive for all users in list (that is user1 to

    ¿how can i do these with postfix? [1]
    ¿wich mechanins i must to see to resolve these request?

    [1]: users and listusers are stored in ldap server.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    PD: sorry, i dont know was happens to me today .. my english is horrible :(

    Salu2 ;)

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