Re: Postfix not sending to proper servers.

From: mouss (no email)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 12:28:17 EDT

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    Marcelo Iturbe wrote:
    > Hello,
    > A client has a domain ( which resolves to the IP
    > The MX records this domain point to another IP completely different:

    I don't see the same IPs here.

    $ host has address mail is handled by 10
    $ host has address

    > My postfix server houses the domain,

    you work for South Media Group?

    > the problem is that
    > I am unable to send email to my clients domain.
    > When I look in the log files, I see that postfix is trying to send the email
    > to the HOST and not the MX servers.

    The A record is used when no MX record is found (that's how mail works).
    just because _you_ _now_ see an MX record doesn't mean that postfix
    could find one at the time of the transaction.

    > Sep 8 11:04:40 mailserver postfix/smtp[23528]: C6B494C421D: to=<
    > >, relay=none, delay=1, status=deferred (connect to
    >[]: Connection refused)

    you'll have to do some debugging to see if you have a DNS problem.

    - if you are not running a local DNS server, consider running one
    - if your DNS queries are forwarded to your SP, consider disabling this
    - if your postfix has chrooted services, consider disabling chroot.
    - if your system resolver has bugs, try from another system

    > The DNS table looks like

    it doesn't matter how it may look like to you. if you want help, show
    the real domain.

    > [snip]

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