Re: Migrating from qmail to postfix - some questions.

From: Santiago Romero (no email)
Date: Fri May 23 2008 - 03:37:57 EDT

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    Brian Evans wrote:

     First of all, thanks for you quick answer :)

    > local(8) is the default transport for any entry in mydestination. No
    need to repeat it.
    > You do not need to put local domains (those delivered to local system
    users) as a transport.
    > They go in mydestination.


    > This is the package PostfixAdmin for virtual users. This is not
    intended to local users.
    > If you have local users, part 2 of that question can be done with

     Perfect. I only plan to use "local users" for root, postmaster, admin
    and a couple more. All the domains I plan to use are virtual.

     About the virtualdomains, all the documents I've seen use mysql to
    store data. Is it possible (I mean, not too much slow) to use plain
    hash/text files to hold virtualdomain info for small postfix
    installations? (postfix + 1 virtualdomain + 100-200 email users). Does
    "postfixadmin" work with hash files, or only with mysql setups?

    > Postfix has built in RBL checks. More complicated checks need a
    policy daemon, content filters, milter or access(5) check. See the
    documentation for which you decided on/need.

     My question was more about "can I pass my email throught a command
    written by me (script, binary) which receives headers and can block,
    modify or accept it? The idea is being able to execute a custom command
    to block emails at smtp time. I imagine that "content_filter" will work
    after receiving the entire message (body included). I would like to
    parse just the headers to decide if I want to accept or block it...

    > -o options change what is in All options in are
    always used unless overridden.
    > If you need to remove an option, change it here.
    > > 10.- What can I use in postfix to see and modify the queue?
    > man 1 postqueue
    > man 1 postsuper

     Ok, perfect, thanks.

    > > 11.- Can I put more than 1 "check_XXX_access" in the
    > > same "smtpd_xxx_restrictions" command? I like to have
    > > whitelist (REJECTs) and blacklist (OKs) in different files:
    > >
    > > smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
    > > check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/blacklist
    > > check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/whitelist
    > You can list as many as you want. The first one wins.

     The first one listed, or the first one matching the pattern? :?
     I mean, only the first one is "executed", or all of them?

     And a final question:

    How can I use / configure dovecot to do the "delivery" for both "local
    users" and "virtual users"? Is it possible? I ask this because dovecot's
    config has a variable to define the Maildir path, and local users use
    "$HOME/Maildir" while virtual users use "$VMAIL/Maildir/" ... and I
    imagine I can't configure to deliver both. Maybe I should use dovecot
    for virtual users and the internal delivery for local users?

     Thanks a lot :)

    Santiago Romero
    Departamento de Sistemas
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