Re: How to copy all incoming and outgoing messages

From: Curtis Vaughan (no email)
Date: Thu May 01 2008 - 19:17:26 EDT

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    D Hill wrote:
    > On Thu, 1 May 2008 at 22:22 -0000,
    > confabulated:
    >> Hi Everyone,
    >> How do I make it so postfix will copy all incoming and outgoing
    >> emails to another email invisibly? It's a SOX requirement actually. I
    >> have to save all the emails.
    >> So, I create one account called "log". Every email that goes through
    >> the mail server has to be invisibly copied to that user whether
    >> incoming or outgoing. Thanks for the help. I'm new to postfix.
    > Postfix configuration parameters:
    > always_bcc, sender_bcc_maps, recipient_bcc_maps
    > control what you are asking for. You can do a search on this page:
    > for further explination.

    This is great question, as I've been wondering how people meet gov.
    requirements on storing corp. emails with Postfix.
    As it is our problem is that some people use POP3 and delete as they
    download (I've been fighting this for years, but I can't control the
    foreign office!).
    Anyhow.... Even with IMAP, although most mail is saved, still there is
    they can delete emails from Trash and then those emails are lost.

    If all mail were just sent to another address, then it would make it
    difficult to find emails in the event we need to recover specific ones.
    It seems like there should be a way to say, regardless of whether
    someone wants to delete -- well, don't delete it from the server. Maybe
    do something else with it within the same users profile. I don't know.
    I should note that we are not a large company. Only 60-odd employees
    worldwide. And the budget for me to have continual backups doesn't
    exist. We do nightly backups using BackupPC. So we have about a weeks

    Any ideas are most welcome, but please take into consideration our
    constrictions (budgetary).

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