Re: Leaving sent email on server

From: mouss (no email)
Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 15:46:28 EDT

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    Andre Macara wrote:
    > Thanks, but its incredible that a SNMP


    > server cant handle it, it is so
    > obvious, if the SNMP can receive an email and delivery it to another SNMP
    > server, why can not store it in a certain place,

    I just told you how to do it with postfix. maybe it was not clear. so
    let's go again:

    - use sender_bcc_maps to duplicate the message and deliver it to
    foo+ (or whatever form you prefer)
    - configure postfix to deliver mail for foo+ to the
    folder of your choice.

    > why must be the email
    > client responsible for such thing?

    1- Because this is how it always worked.
    2- The MUA can decide to store sent mail on a local folder.
    3- The imap store is not necessarily located on the outgoing mail
    server. Many people use different servers for outgoing and incoming mail.

    > I think that must have a tool or a configuration option capable of do that
    > job, the postfix developers must have thought about that, for sure.

    postfix can deliver whatever mail wherever you want. see the ADDRESS

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