Re: Does reject_unlisted_recipient have any impact on check_policy_service behavior ?

From: Paweł Leśniak (no email)
Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 04:18:31 EDT

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    mouss pisze:
    > most backscatter comes from servers which accept mail and only later
    > find that the recipient does not exist, so they bounce. if they
    > validated recipients during the smtp transaction, there would be no
    > bounce.
    OK. And we have two problems here. One - other servers have "corrupted"
    configurations (sometimes I believe one wants this kind of behavior).
    And the second one - if MX of domain used at reply-to address has no SPF
    record I have to use lots more resources to do body tests and find if
    bounced message was sent through my server originally. I don't know if
    there's any other good way to find out if this is backscatter or not
    without expensive body tests. And so I have to accept message. And than
    what? Should I bounce it ;)
    And just like Wietse wrote - most backscatter emails comes from
    nonexistent addresses.

    >>> the requirement does not mean that you must accept any mail to
    >>> postmaster. the requirement is to make sure you won't miss important
    >>> mail to postmaster and abuse.
    >> And how do I know id mail is important or not?
    > the sender knows! if his mail is important, he must setup his email
    > server correctly.
    So once sender's MX must obey to standards, and the other time
    (backscatter) doesn't really have to.

    >> OK, but still I think that SAV with caching is not hurting badly. I'm
    >> not sending millions emails daily.
    > you do SAV on mail you _receive_, not on mail you _send_. so the
    > number of mail you send is irrelevant. you do not control how much
    > mail you receive.
    Sorry, I didn't mean sending actually. I was thinking about how many
    email goes through my server.

    Pawel Lesniak

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