Re: Doubled forwarding oddity

From: Rob Morin (no email)
Date: Tue Apr 22 2008 - 15:58:26 EDT

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    Gary wrote:
    > Rob Morin wrote:
    >> mouss wrote:
    >>> either give enough information or fix the problem by yourself.
    >> Thanks for being so helpful, you a great person. This list is
    >> suppose to be about people helping people, not people, not helping
    >> people.....
    > Actually, I find the list pretty helpful in general if you follow the
    > rules. When you give vague descriptions, than some on the list don't
    > want to waste their time. Gotta take their replies with a big grain
    > of salt - basically there are 2 issues:
    > 1) Their not going to take the time to piece together half a dozen
    > emails with bits and pieces of a problem, so rephrase it in it's
    > entireity and give all the info.
    > 2) If they don't understand what you have said, some will just guess
    > what you mean, assume you mean something else and give you a wrong
    > answer.
    > The onus is on the problem seeker to clarify.
    > Considering I've seen people post bits and pieces over a dozen
    > messages and when they finally sum it all up get an instant reply
    > within minutes, I'd say the list is helpful if caustic.
    Thanks for your input i had no idea where to start to look for any help
    with respect to what more to post, thats why i asked what "what else can
    i look for" hoping someone would say look here and or here for clues....

    I did not mean any disrespect but i found the remark, a bit more than
    terse, but hey everyone one is entitled to their own opinion...

    Again thanks to all for your help this list is a very valuable resource...

    Have a good one :)

    Rob Morin
    Dido Internet Inc.

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