Re: How to configure a "pseudo null client"?

From: mouss (no email)
Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 15:22:05 EDT

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    >> :
    >>> To be more specific: why does postfix, in a local Unix/Linux
    >>> environment, have any dependence on procmail?
    >> Postfix has no such dependency.
    >> The dependency is added AFTER POSTFIX IS RELEASED by some Linux
    >> maintainers. It is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to update Postfix documentation.
    > Wietse, this kind of thing does not help the end user. In particular,
    > it does not help me.

    Alan, you're wrong. postfix does not require procmail. I run postfix on
    a variety of systems (including debian) where procmail is not installed.
    many packagers chose to setup software with various dependencies, becaue
    _they_ think this the right way (some even used to patch the source code).

    you cannot blame postfix developpers for decisions taken by packagers.
    you can install postfix from sources and follow its documentation. but
    we prefer that you use the packages _AND_ complain to the packagers so
    they stop taking silly decisions on behalf of their users. If they don't
    listen, the only recommendation is to "upgrade" to *BSD.

    > Suggestion: as soon as possible update the section in your
    > documentation: Specific environments: Linux issues.

    There are no Linux issues. while I am a BSD guy, I have installed
    postfix on Linux (including Debian) without problems.

    > And I'm
    > guessing you know some Debian people; you might even know the
    > maintainer for the Debian postfix package.

    many packagers have understood that patching software isn't the right
    approach. if you want perfection, you'll have to wait...
    > And if people are amending your code in such a way as to break your
    > system

    do you volunteer joining the "shoot silly packagers team"?

    > -- that is certainly the effect it had on me -- then some
    > more urgent remedial action needs to be taken. IMHO.

    it's their problem. they make their system unusable. postfix works great
    on a lot of OSes and distributions.

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