Re: How to configure a "pseudo null client"?

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Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 11:29:18 EDT

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    > On Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 09:44:00AM -0400, wrote:
    >> > because your mailbox is configured for delivery via "procmail" and
    >> > procmail
    >> > is not installed.
    >> I hope that you will take a minute of your time to explain the
    >> above phrase. How is /var/mail/alan, a file in standard mbox
    >> format, "configured for delivery via procmail"?
    > Your "logical" mailbox as a target for mail delivery. This can be
    > configured
    > to be handled via procmail by multiple methods, primarily:
          Viktor, I hope you realize that you have not answered the question.
          To be more specific: why does postfix, in a local Unix/Linux
          environment, have any dependence on procmail? There is no
          mention of this in any postfix documentation that I saw. Nor
          is there mention of procmail in or I also
          hear, for the first time, of a "logical" mailbox. Is this
          concept documented?

    >> a great admirer of procmail and use it. That postfix depends
    >> on it for local delivery should IMHO be mentioned somewhere in
    >> the documentation.
    > Postfix has no special affinity for procmail. Some Linux distributions
    > configure Postfix to use procmail out of the box.
           Again, I regard this as being evasive. The fact is: procmail is
           necessary for postfix to work. My question is: why?

    >> my students. But I did not throw students into the study of
    >> elliptic curves when they were still struggling with Cal I.
    > With any luck Postfix 2.6 TLS will have support for Elliptic Curve
    > ciphers. :-)
           I hope that when it does it will be documented fully, and that
           a user unaware of such a thing will not suddenly and unwarnedly
           discover that for a simple postfix configuration to work (s)he
           will have to install libellipcurve4.3.1 and read the
           documentation on it.

    Best wishes,


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