RE: What is the difference between received and delivered mail?

From: Gary V (no email)
Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 09:11:49 EDT

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    >> Hello.
    >> Recently co-admin asked me about what amount of email traffic do we
    >> have. I'm aggregating logs with pflogsumm and want to understand why
    >> recived and delivered traffic are not equal.
    >> Here is a line from monthly report:
    >> ...
    >> 590m bytes received
    >> 741m bytes delivered
    >> ...
    >> We are using amavisd-new as mail content filter. I can only assume that
    >> delivered traffic includes headers that are added by amavisd-new. Why
    >> delivered traffic is larger than received?
    > Naturally. A single email message can have multiple recipients.
    > Item 15.

    BTW, Since you are using amavisd-new, make sure you read item 14. To get
    more accurate numbers (well actually the number are accurate, but may not
    be what you want to see), you may wish to pre-process:

    Gary V

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