RE: Change postfix behavior when mailbox is full

From: Dors, Brian (no email)
Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 10:11:16 EDT

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    >My advice to you is to fix the real problem. Educate your developers
    on writing providing quality error handling in their applications.
    >That's the issue you should be pursuing here.

    In a small organization I might be able to change their behaviors, as it
    is the Dev org here is much bigger than the IS org. I have to figure
    out a way to work within their choices in this case.

    >From postconf(5):
    >mailbox_size_limit (default: 51200000)
    > The maximal size of any local(8) individual mailbox or maildir file,
    > or zero (no limit). In fact, this limits the size of any file
    > that is written to upon local delivery, including files written by
    > external commands that are executed by the local(8) delivery agent.
    > This limit must not be smaller than the message size limit.
    >You don't describe your mailstore, but in an environment using mbox,
    50MB is fairly small, these days. You can raise mailbox_size_limit much
    higher to provide more storage >>or your users.
    >You can also consider switching to a file-per-message mailstore
    (Maildir, Cyrus) to avoid this problem altogether, assuming that you are
    not imposing quotas via some other >>means.

    While perhaps helpful, bumping the size limit wouldn't solve my problem.
    There will be a user, somewhere, at sometime, that doesn't check their
    email and keep it under the limit. Might not even be malicious, they
    could be gone on vacation. When the mailbox hits its limit, due to the
    very high potential volume of email coming in, I can't afford to have
    emails being sent back saying user's box is full.

    The file-per-message mailstore idea sounds interesting but does it meet
    my two criteria? 1. No reply warnings of user's mailbox full, and 2.
    Throw away further incoming email?


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