Change postfix behavior when mailbox is full

From: Dors, Brian (no email)
Date: Wed Apr 02 2008 - 10:37:57 EDT

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    We are mostly a software development company. We have developers that
    have decided to use email as a means of error notification from our
    applications (perhaps not the best approach, but not one that I can
    alter at this time). So I set them up with mailbox accounts on postfix
    (on Ubuntu server). The way the applications do their error reporting
    causes extremely large quantities of email to come through once in a
    while due to bad app configs. This fills the mailboxes. Once full,
    postfix tries to reply with "mailbox full", which swamps the originating
    I don't care if this particular postfix server is swamped, but I can't
    let it affect other servers. So what I want to do is either 1. Turn off
    all "mailbox full" type messages in postfix, and throw away the incoming
    email, or 2. Configure the mailboxes to automatically purge themselves
    once they reach their size limit, preferably based on FIFO but again,
    throwing away the email is fine. Whatever is easiest. Can someone
    please help me config postfix for this? I am a Linux/Postfix newbie so
    please include detailed steps. Thank you!! Brian D.

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