Re: Problems with pattern matching using !/MyRegexp/

From: Glen Edwards (no email)
Date: Sun Mar 23 2008 - 10:18:12 EDT

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    > Glen Edwards:
    >> > In all probabibility the above is not actually the header check files
    >> > that the Postfix instance in question is configured to use.
    >> I think this thread has gone far enough. It isn't my intent to try to
    >> slam
    >> Postfix, just to seek help for some inconsistent behavior that, when I
    >> expect one thing to happen based on a configuration change or regexp
    >> insertion, I'm seeing something else instead. I can assure you that I
    >> have
    >> no reason to lie to the list as to what is contained in the header_checks
    >> file, because by doing so it's guaranteed that I won't find a fix for
    >> what's
    >> going wrong on this end.
    > No-one says you're lying, but you are making a mistake somewhere,
    > you're giving us a hell of a time figuring it out.
    > To find out where the error is:
    > 1) "postconf -n" command output. Are you really using only this
    > file and not also some other file that you have forgotten about?
    > Human memories are fallible, "postconf -n" can tell you what Postfix
    > uses.
    > 2) postmap -q queries with the falsely matched Received: header.
    > In this case it is OK if you provide the entire header as one line
    > of text.
    > For each header_checks file in "postconf -n" output:
    > postmap -q - pcre:/file/name < input
    > Where input contains the received: header as one line.
    > Wietse

    It's working using the last regexps I posted in this thread, and quite
    well - not a single spam letter to any of those addresses so far.

    When I get the time I'm going to try to recreate the conditions that caused
    the problem. If I find something beyond pure stupidity on my own point I'll
    post it to the list. Right now I'm not going to speculate.

    To get it to work, I stopped treating like it's a pure configuration
    file where I can put var = 'whatever' anywhere and let the program figure it
    out. Instead I removed all the smtpd restrictions and then debugged the
    regexp. Then I added in the smtpd restrictions one at a time, beginning
    with smtpd_recipient_restrictions, making only one modification at a time,
    until I had a working system with the desired (or almost desired) results.

    Thanks to everyone for all your help. Every suggestion aided in clearing up
    my understanding of how Postfix works and deals with configuration
    modifications, at least in regards to the modifications I was trying to


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