Re: 4xx code is returned when next hop gives 5xx

From: Noel Jones (no email)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 09:14:11 EST

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    richard lucassen wrote:
    > - Postfix is accepting mail from the internet
    > - Postfix only transports to the internal MTA
    > - internal MTA rejects mail for non-existent users with 5xx
    > - Postfix rejects the mail with a 4xx code
    > I want Postfix to use 5xx code and not 4xx. I know it is possible, but I
    > forgot the name of the option.
    > Anyone?
    > R.

    Your description is a little vague. Maybe you mean
    To jog your memory you might look at
    # postconf | grep reject_code
    and then look up the parameters in
    to see what they do.

    Noel Jones

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