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From: mouss (no email)
Date: Fri Nov 23 2007 - 12:21:52 EST

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    Rocco Scappatura wrote:
    >>> I have some problems with spamhaus.
    >>> Someone try to send me a message. But it is blocked by
    >>> DNSBL.
    >>> I would like to know if It can be a matter of the kind of
    >> connectione
    >>> that the client use (an ADSL).
    >> Check your logs:
    >> <whatever>
    > is not listed in the SBL
    > is listed in the PBL, in the following records:
    > * PBL177871
    > is not listed in the XBL

    if this is "submission" (direct connection to your server), then you
    should propose a specific IP:port ( on port 587. or 25
    if it's hard for users to configure port 587). on this port, you should
    not use DNSBLs, but you should do some control (authentication would be
    nice if user devices support it. otherwise, only allow access from some
    networks via a check_client_access cidr:/....).

    if this is not submission, then end users should use an MSA (that of
    their ISP) or ask to get unlisted on from the PBL.

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