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From: Mihira Fernando (no email)
Date: Fri Aug 31 2007 - 13:39:10 EDT

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    Resending to list as I mistakenly sent it only to Steve.
    My apologies Steve.


    > If you query your ISPs DNS server then they may consider your ISPs IP as high traffic and not your IP?
    Could be but end of the day, I'm still getting burned. Using another DNS server
    is not not practical in my situation so I'm tied up with my ISP's DNS servers.

    > There are many many free DNSBL's and RHBL's out there. The best is to test yourself and see which one fits best for your needs. To understand what I mean have a look here:
    Thanks, will go through this.
    > BTW: I burned as well many times my fingers with DNSBL/RHBL and decided to go with policyd-weight ( I tweaked the hell out of it to have the best configuration for my needs. I extended it as well to include other stuff like p0f, ASN checking, checking by country, etc... It stops a lot of spam entering my server and still having a very low false positive rate. I have nothing against the DNSBL/RHBL included in Postfix but they force me to look at the sender with black and withe glasses and this is not what I need.
    I have Postfix-Policyd greylisting as well. Zen & policyd were doing a good job.
    With zen ,so far, I didnt have any false positives and extremely little false
    negatives so I'm rather reluctant to change it however it seems now I have to
    change it.

    Thanks all for your replies.


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