Re: qmail to postfix w/vpopmail

From: Angelos Karageorgiou (no email)
Date: Mon Aug 20 2007 - 05:03:18 EDT

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    Why don't you try to use my nifth vpopmail2ldap conversion scripts so
    you will no longer need the vpopmail cruft.

    Vpopmail is a nice try but often enough it loses its file of virtual
    domains if you slightly mistreat it!

    O/H Eclipsem έγραψε:
    > Hello one and all,
    > Firstly a noobie warning, new to Postfix
    > Currently at my work we have several qmail machines, all NFS's to a
    > netapp filter for maildir, (each one mounts /home/vpopmail/domains off
    > the fas270)
    > Now qmail is old and tiresome, and annoying to get to do modern day
    > things, without time consuming other patch-breaking headache creating
    > stressed moments.
    > Moving from vpopmail is not an option, 37K domains, many with 1 to
    > thousands of users. It is extremely efficient and fast.
    > We have read the vpopmail postfix.txt file, seemed too good to be true,
    > so we setup a test server, then added postfix to it, following all
    > instructions, we verified first qmail works, and then postfix to a local
    > user worked, then did the modifications as given, but it does not work.
    > Has anyone managed to get postfix working properly with vpopmail? if so,
    > what else did you have to do?
    > I see from gmane a lot of knockers to this type of setup, you kind
    > people can refrain from your suggestions becasue as I said, moving from
    > vpopmail is not an option, but staying with qmail certainly is if
    > postfix will not work in hand.
    > Thank you.
    > Eddie

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