Re: catchall breaks recipient validation (was: relocating virtual users)

From: Wietse Venema (no email)
Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 11:04:16 EDT

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    martin f krafft:
    > also sprach Wietse Venema <> [2007.08.15.1621 +0200]:
    > > As Noel says, the Postfix SMTP server searches local/virtual alias
    > > tables for a match of the RCPT TO address.
    > >
    > > It does not verify if the TARGET of aliasing (i.e. the right-hand
    > > side) exists
    > However, I do not understand why something like
    > is not enough for postfix to validate <anything> After all,

    As hinted at above, a virtual alias will match any RCPT
    TO addres in, and therefore the Postfix SMTP server will
    consider the RCPT TO address as "valid".


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