Assistance setting up a new postfix server

From: Joey (no email)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 23:31:55 EDT

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    Hi All,


    I need to setup another server with many more features and functions with
    postfix which I am not as familiar with which is different than just a
    regular postfix server ( currently have a few postfix servers).

    Unfortunately I don't have the time to dedicate to learning everything new
    that I want to have feature wise and set it up quickly and properly.

    I feel comfortable having someone assist me and having remote access to the
    server to assist me in the setup/configuration/testing and converting of our
    main postfix server.

    I have a small (emphasis on small )budget to pay for this assistance and
    details can be worked out. ( This list has always been great in helping, but
    the time limitation doesn't allow me to take that route).


    I will list here some of the features that I need, and of course will take
    into consideration any suggestions to make the ideal configuration for my


    I host email for several domains and am using the traditional linux users
    using virtual files, mailbox method etc under Centos.


    I want to use postfix Admin to allow end users to manage the email accounts,
    have vacation email etc. ( users in MySQL not linux users)

    I want to have some user selectable spam filtering / whitelisting /
    greylisting / selective greylisting features and use
    SpamAssassin/Razor/amivas or clam and be able to tag or delete junk etc.

    I do use RBL's, and tons of custom code which helps me to blacklist things,
    CIDR's etc which will have no options user wise.

    I want to have webmail ( squirrelmail or hord or other suggestions)

    Probably need maildir/cyrus and other apps to allow to do this.

    Use of TLS and other security considerations.

    IF we can easily incorporate any kind of usage tracking etc great, but don't
    want to get too crazy.


    I know some of you love this stuff and want to help, but I need to make sure
    I have one person that knows all of this so I don't have to count on
    multiple people to configure it and get it done.

    I want documentation on the steps we used, the different compile options we
    used etc so that I can maintain the systems going forward.


    If you would please contact me off list with ideas / comments and what you
    have running that would be great. Also let me know how much time you think
    something like this would take etc.

    Email me at joey - AT -





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