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From: Martin Schmitt (no email)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 09:06:35 EDT

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    Peter Rabbitson schrieb:
    > I wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing before I deploy my
    > policy server. Here is what it does:
    > * Extracts the domain of 'recipient' (takes everything to the right of
    > the last @)
    > * Builds a list of all A records of all MX records of the extracted
    > domain name
    > * Checks if 'client_address' matches any of the resolved A records
    > * If a match is found returns action=PERMIT otherwise action=DUNNO
    > reject_unauth_destination is placed in front of the
    > check_policy_service, ensuring that PERMIT can potentially be returned
    > only for final destination or relayed messages, that come from one of
    > our MXes.

    I'm not very good analyzing other people's restriction sets, but I think
    your description does sound like it will work. Basically, you're just
    replacing the CIDR check with the query to the policy service.


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