Re: Empty pflogsumm Reports

From: Rich Shepard (no email)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 12:22:11 EDT

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    On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Noel Jones wrote:

    > So what happens if you run pflogsumm manually?
    > pflogsumm /path/to/logfile


       Same thing:

    [root at salmo ~]# pflogsumm /var/log/maillog.1

    Grand Totals

           0 received
           0 delivered
           0 forwarded
           0 deferred
           0 bounced
           0 rejected (0%)
           0 reject warnings
           0 held
           0 discarded (0%)

           0 bytes received
           0 bytes delivered
           0 senders
           0 sending hosts/domains
           0 recipients
           0 recipient hosts/domains

       I checked yesterday, and the pflogsumm script has not changed since the
    version I've been running. This situation is strange, puzzling, and
    frustrating because it came on suddenly and so far resists revealing the

       The mail logs are not empty, either.



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