Re: Send On Behalf Of A User?

From: Darren Pilgrim (no email)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2007 - 14:14:19 EDT

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    David Steckbeck wrote:
    > Hello, hopefully someone out there has done this before. What I'm
    > trying to do is setup a mail server for a website. The site will
    > allow members to log in and to send out emails. The major feature I
    > need is for any error that postfix encounters to be sent to the
    > account holder. The account holder user will not have an email
    > address on this system. For example:
    > - account holder of my system
    > - someone person1 wants to email
    > - the email used in the "mail from:" field
    > since spoofing is not kosher anymore

    SPF and other checks only operate on the envelope sender, not the From
    header in the email. Therefore, use for the
    envelop and put the account holder's address in the From header. Any
    spam filters that act on the From header are so horribly broken you'll
    likely end up in the spam folder anyway.

    Darren Pilgrim

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