/usr/lib/postfix/smtpd killed by signal 11 when doing smtp auth

From: Alexander Skwar (no email)
Date: Tue Jun 19 2007 - 13:37:43 EDT

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    Since this morning, I'm having quite some problems with my Postfix
    server, running on a Gentoo Linux ~x86 system.

    To be able to send mail, I setup the system so, that I need to
    authenticate first. User details are stored in a MySQL database, which
    is running on the same host. I'm also running a Horde webmail
    installation on the same machine which uses the same username/password
    backend. With this backend, I am able to login. I also don't
    have problems logging in to the Cyrus IMAP Server, running on
    this host; it also uses the same usernames/passwords.

    But since early this morning, when I login to the smtp server to
    send a mail, I'm not able to do so anymore :( I now enabled debugging
    at peer level 4 for my IP and found something in the syslog (please see
    file "syslog entries.txt").

    Note this:
    Jun 19 15:06:03 hetzner postfix/master[25726]: warning: process
    /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd pid 13555 killed by signal 11

    I now created a tcpdump of such a session. You can find it at
    http://alexander.skwar.name/~askwar/stuff/dump_port8443.tcpdump and
    also attached (dump_port8443.tcpdump).

    As you can see in the syslog output, I also enabled the debugger gdb.
    It created the file /etc/postfix/debug/smtpd.13555.log, which contains
    nothing of interest, as far as I can tell. See attached file smtpd.13555.log.

    Attached, you can also find the postfinger output in postfinger.txt and
    also saslfinger -s in saslfinger.txt.

    Interestingly (?), saslfinger then just hangs there, until I press
    <Ctrl>+<c>. After doing so, I get:

    ,----[ saslfinger -s, continued ]
    | -- end of saslfinger output --

    Some more files, which you find referenced in the configuration:

    - /local/scripts/cyrus-spamc-filter.sh
    - /local/scripts/spamc-filter.sh
    - /etc/postfix/mysql-virtual.cf
    - /etc/postfix/mysql-mydestination.cf
    - /etc/postfix/virtual -> Contains nothing but comments; not attached.
    - /etc/postfix/mydestinations

    Any ideas about what's causing smtpd to die with a segmentation fault
    all of a sudden?

    Thanks a lot,

    Alexander Skwar

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