Re: /usr/lib/sasl2 failed to open directory

From: Wietse Venema (no email)
Date: Sun May 27 2007 - 20:53:31 EDT

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    Mark Edwards:
    > > Perhaps you're using LDAP with SASL authentication.
    > >
    > > In that case it's the LDAP library that is doing Cyrus SASL calls.
    > > No amount of smtpd_sasl_mumble tweaking will change that.
    > AHA! That's it. I am indeed using LDAP for authentication via /usr/
    > lib/postfix/
    > I temporarily disabled ldap and relayed a message, and no errors.

    Thus, the solution is to either not use LDAP, or to find an LDAP
    configuration that does invoke Cyrus SASL routines.

    > Sorry to have occupied so much of your time, but perhaps this will
    > help someone else avoid a similar investigation. What was really
    > confusing is that these errors were not reported with postfix 2.3.3,
    > despite an identical configuration.
    > So, just to finish this, is it correct that, assuming I want/need to
    > use postfix 2.3.8 with, I can only avoid these errors by
    > disabling chroot or building proper usr/lib/sasl2 directory within /
    > var/spool/postfix? Are those my only two options?

    LDAP invokes Cyrus SASL routines. Postfix has no control over this.

    The Postfix LDAP_README gives instructions on how to build LDAP
    without Cyrus SASL or Kerberos, but you are using pre-fab software,
    so you may be out of luck.


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