Re: /usr/lib/sasl2 failed to open directory

From: Mark Edwards (no email)
Date: Sun May 27 2007 - 17:30:18 EDT

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    On May 26, 2007, at 7:39 PM, Mark Edwards wrote:

    > Updating from postfix 2.3.3 to postfix 2.3.8 on Ubuntu (that's the
    > Edgy to Feisty update) I suddenly started getting warnings in the
    > logs:
    > May 25 15:37:41 mini postfix/smtpd[4735]: looking for plugins in '/
    > usr/lib/sasl2', failed to open directory, error: No such file or
    > directory

    After doing some research on this situation, I believe the following
    are true:

    * These errors are occurring whenever postfix encounters an sasl-
    related directive
    * postfix tries to access /usr/lib/sasl2 because the Ubuntu package
    is compiled with cyrus-sasl support
    * /usr/lib/sasl2 is not included in the postfix chroot in the Ubuntu/
    Debian packages because, to quote the Postfix docs, "To run software
    chrooted with SASL support is an interesting exercise. It probably is
    not worth the trouble."

    My remaining questions are:

    1) Why did these errors not occur with postfix 2.3.3? I haven't
    uncovered any significant configuration differences between 2.3.3 and
    2.3.8 in either the packages or my local setup.

    2) Why does postfix insist on bothering with /usr/lib/sasl2 when I
    have smtpd_sasl_type = dovecot? Is there a way to configure postfix
    so it ignores cyrus-sasl, even though its compiled to support it?

    3) If I don't feel like maintaining copies of sasl2-related files in /
    var/spool/postfix, is my best bet to simply disable chrooting in


    Mark Edwards

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