RE: Still problems..

From: Gary V (no email)
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 10:48:06 EDT

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    >Today I get congestioned active queue again:
    > T 5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640
    >1280 1280+
    > TOTAL 5917 46 24 104 176 934 794 546 1531
    >1762 0
    > MAILER-DAEMON 3135 6 3 11 10 72 194 450 1383
    >1006 0

    >So as I stated yesterday in the thread "Active queue are growing", I
    >thing that the bottelneck is smtp-amavis amavis.


    Well yes, it usually is. SpamAssassin processing is both CPU intensive and
    time consuming. Check your 'top' output to determine if you are swap
    thrashing. You can increase amavisd-new processes only up to the point that
    you saturate the CPU or start swap thrashing, then you have to back off.

    You can reduce latency by turning off SpamAssassin network tests (by setting
    set $sa_local_tests_only = 1; in amavisd.conf) to temporarily get mail past
    amavisd-new but this may greatly reduce how much mail is marked as spam and
    will also make the 'load average' jump through the roof because SpamAssassin
    is no longer waiting for results from DNS based tests.

    If everything is tuned as best as can be expected, and you still can't
    process all the mail you receive, then you either have to send less mail to
    amavisd-new by using something like selective greylisting and/or a policy
    server like policyd-weight or you have to use a more powerful machine, or
    you have to use one or more additional machines to balance the load.
    Generally it appears you are asking too much of one machine. There are

    Greylisting may delay mail, but you are already delaying mail by not being
    able to process it.

    Gary V

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