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From: Magnus Bäck (no email)
Date: Sun May 20 2007 - 12:04:28 EDT

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    On Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 17:07 CEST,
         Sam Wootton <> wrote:

    > Thank you for the help. I have one or two follow-up questions:
    > 1) Is there any documentation (other then 'man') on what exactly
    > postmap does and how to use it?

    Not really. The documentation (including postmap(1)) contains examples,
    and DATABASE_README might be helpful as well.

    > I am unsure (after manually creating the files i need) on how to make
    > postfix use them.

    Adjust the desired configuration parameter(s) to point to the map in
    question. Almost without exceptions Postfix does not assume that any
    other configuration files than and are available.

    > 2) is it essential that i have the /etc/postfix/virtual file?

    Depends on what you put in that file and how you configure Postfix.
    A standard Postfix install doesn't require /etc/postfix/virtual,
    and Postfix doesn't care what names you give files. That said,
    a file with this name is typically used for the virtual alias table.
    I can't tell whether you need virtual aliases.

    > 3) is all i need in my vmailbox:
    > ?

    Yes, assuming the virtual_mailbox_base is correctly set up.

    Stop top-posting. On this list reply text goes below the quoted text.


    Magnus Bäck

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