smtpd_milter question

From: David DeFranco (no email)
Date: Tue May 15 2007 - 18:02:07 EDT

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    I'm trying to use Postfix 2.3.7 to access a commercial Sendmail milter
    without much luck. To the best of my knowledge the vendor hasn't tried to
    use Postfix.

    Can anyone help translate this Postfix error message and point me in the
    right direction?

    "warning: milter inet: request mask 0x1f conflict with MTA
    request mask 0x3d"

    The Sendmail config for the milter is:

    INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`changed', `S=inet:11025 at localhost, F=4,
    define(`confTO_COMMAND', `5m')dnl
    define(`confTO_DATABLOCK', `20m')dnl
    define(`confMAX_DAEMON_CHILDREN', `500')dnl
    define(`confDF_BUFFER_SIZE', `100000')dnl
    define(`confXF_BUFFER_SIZE', `10000')dnl
    define(`confBIND_OPTS', `-DNSRCH -DEFNAMES')dnl

    I'm hoping the solution is obvious to someone who understands Sendmail :-)

    My milter settings from postconf are:

    milter_command_timeout = 30s
    milter_connect_macros = j {daemon_name} v
    milter_connect_timeout = 30s
    milter_content_timeout = 300s
    milter_data_macros = i
    milter_default_action = tempfail
    milter_end_of_data_macros = i
    milter_helo_macros = {tls_version} {cipher} {cipher_bits} {cert_subject}
    milter_macro_daemon_name = $myhostname
    milter_macro_v = $mail_name $mail_version
    milter_mail_macros = i {auth_type} {auth_authen} {auth_author} {mail_addr}
    milter_protocol = 2
    milter_rcpt_macros = i {rcpt_addr}
    milter_unknown_command_macros =

    Thanks for any help


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