RE: postfix and MySQL encrypted passwords (was 554 Recipientadress rejected)

From: Postfix Support Mail (no email)
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 10:31:52 EDT

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    ## >> As Andreas said, you can configure cyrus-sasl to use
    ## >> courier authdaemon.
    ## >> This way, whatever works for courier will work for
    ## >> postfix. I have no idea what would work for postfixadmin
    ## >> and squirrelmail. I would only suggest not to use two
    ## >> different tools to set/change passwords (unless you can
    ## >> get that right).

    right now, i have everything configured to use plaintext in the database. i
    don't like this but it is working so for now i'm leaving it alone (not
    changing the configuration for the moment).

    i would like to understand how to configure Postfix to use SASL and
    encrypted password with Courier and MySQL, though. if i had a better more
    clear understanding of how this works, i'd be more willing to tamper with my
    working configuration to see if i can get this functional. i can do without
    the ability to change passwords in SquirrelMail if need be, but i really
    would prefer encrypted passwords in the database. i can always tamper with
    SquirrelMail's password changing plugins later on if i want to, once the
    encryption with Postfix and Courier is working.

    what's the best way to approach this? i spent yesterday tampering with some
    settings in an attempt to achieve this, but nothing i try worked. either i
    could read the passwords from Postfix and smtp worked, which broke pop3, or
    i could read them from pop3 and smtp broke. i'm not sure what i'm doing
    wrong. do i need to post my configs again?

    thank you again, you guys have been a marvellous help. the system is
    working now.

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