Re: smtpd_recipient_limit - different value for BCC?

From: Charles Marcus (no email)
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 12:43:42 EDT

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    > You still haven't given a reason why this is would be a good idea.

    Yes, I have - but apparently you don't agree with them. I'll be more

    1. Spammers can sniff out email messages with 'large headers' (which
    mean the message contains lots of email addresses in the to/cc fields),
    and I don't want my users to contribute to the spam problem...

    - or, you didn't invalidate this theory... I don't know for a fact this
    is true, but I have 'heard' that it is. I asked if anyone could confirm
    it or not, and no one responded (either way)... so I ass-u-me-d that it
    was true...

    2. Idiots that forward every 'you must forward this to everyone you know
    or your head will explode in ten seconds' or 'the more people you
    forward this to the more money Bill Gates will pay you' messages they
    get to their entire address book every time

    at least I can stop my users from doing this without some work...

    3. People who send legitimate mail to me and a whole bunch of other
    people, 99% of whom have no business knowing my email address...

    > We already have examples why it is not.

    The only example you gave was:

    > If someone sends mail to colleagues in their department, forbidding
    > them to use headers is just an impediment by sadistic IT staff that
    > keeps them from getting thier work done.

    My response to this is:

    Mail lists...

    If they really need to communicate with numerous people on a regular
    basis, they need to use a mail list - this is, after all, the *purpose*
    of mail lists (like the one you and I are communicating on right now), no?

    Now, that said, I readily admit that limiting senders the way I want to
    do may not be appropriate for every situation - in fact, it may not be
    appropriate for a lot of situations.

    Best regards,

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