Re: Setting up to send mail

From: Charles Marcus (no email)
Date: Tue May 01 2007 - 06:24:07 EDT

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    Wietse Venema wrote:
    > Wade Smart:
    >> relayhost = []:3535

    > Why are you sending mail for yahoo etc. to

    (I've been trying to help him privately, both because of the help I
    received from this list when I first started with postfix, and for my
    own learning experience)

    He has a different setup...

    1. His mail is hosted by Godaddy. Godaddy is authoritative for his

    2. His local postfix box is also what he uses as his workstation.

    3. He uses fetchmail to retrieve mail from his hosted Godaddy mail
    server to his local server/workstation, running postfix (and dovecot for
    providing imap access).

    So, again, his local machine that is running postfix is *not* the
    authoritative server for his domain - he is using fetchmail/postfix
    (I've never used fetchmail either, so not sure what is required in
    postfix config to make them work together either) to grab all of his
    email from where it is hosted at Godaddy.

    This setup is not something I've ever even done/thought about, so I'm
    not sure how to help him...

    He wants his local postfix, which is running on his workstation machine,
    to be able to relay all outbound mail being sent locally through
    Godaddys smtp server. is the host Godaddy gave him
    for sending mail using their smtp server remotely, so I assumed that he
    should set it up like mine is here, since we do the same thing and it is
    working fine - as the relayhost.

    > That machine doesn't want such mail.

    It should - it is what he was given to use for sending mail remotely.

    >> Apr 30 17:18:56 wadesmart postfix/smtp[18874]: B0E5F14284D1:
    >> to=<>,
    >> orig_to=<>,

    > List in

    But wouldn't he only do that if this box was authoritative for that domain?

    I'm confused by this, since he is essentially only using this postfix as
    a relay for outbound mail.

    Best regards,

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