Re: check_sender_access actions

From: Jason Pruim (no email)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2007 - 09:14:31 EDT

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    On Apr 3, 2007, at 8:56 AM, Otavio Exel wrote:

    >> Otavio Exel wrote:
    >>> I'm trying to replicate a feature found in Exim-3 that allows relay
    >>> based on sender address(*);
    >>> (*) I am aware this can be easily abused!
    > mouss wrote:
    > hi mouss!
    >> what real problem are you trying to solve?
    > I have 2 users (sales guys) who go out with their notebooks, plug into
    > whatever DHCP is available and want to send mail w/o reconfiguring the
    > "outgoing smtp server" in their MUAs;
    > it works; of course I have to keep an eye in the logs (in case some
    > spammer find out their addresses);
    >> there may be safer ways to implement it.
    > I guess some kind of auth would be great! I'm sure postfix (perhaps
    > even
    > exim) can do that; but I'd rather replicate the old server's (exim)
    > behaviour, push the new server (postfix) into production and after
    > that
    > implement a safer way;
    > of course if postfix can't do it (which is a plus IMHO) I would change
    > my plans and "do it right" before it goes into production;

    This may be a little off topic for this particular list, but I think
    it's related enough, one thing you could do since many ISP's are
    blocking port 25 for anything other then their mail server, is set up
    a VPN. The sales guys would hook up to what ever DHCP they have
    access to, VPN into your server and then send e-mail just as they
    would normally. I have set this up at my office because the owner's
    ISP blocks port 25 and they will NOT unblock it for her... Idiots :P
    (Sorry, personal feelings got in the way)

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