Re: warn_if_reject

From: Sandy Drobic (no email)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2007 - 07:15:53 EST

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    jacusy wrote:
    > Sandy Drobic schrieb:
    >> Remove permit_auth_destination from your configuration. No check after
    >> permit_auth_destination is evaluated.
    >> smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
    >> permit_mynetworks,
    >> reject_unauth_destination,
    >> warn_if_reject reject_rbl_client,
    > Hmm... my fault.. Thought it would be necessary cause I must not loose
    > any mail..

    You can not loose any mail which you did not accept in the first place.
    That is exactly the point of rejecting mails during the smtp dialogue.

    If you are not allowed to reject any mail for your domain (what about
    invalid recipients and viruses?!?) you can only tag mails with
    spamassassin etc. and forward all the crap to the users until they choke
    in spam.

    > I guess it is useless to write permit_auth_destination at the end
    > because everything will be accepted anyway?


    I suggest you first clear up with your management what policy should be
    applied for mail submission on your server, clear up probable
    misunderstandings between the rejection of a mail and the bouncing of a
    mails, and then implement that policy on the server. Everything else is a
    waste of time.

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