Re: fatal: accept connection: Invalid argument

From: Leandro Santi (no email)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2007 - 00:00:12 EST

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    On 2/26/07, Andrew McNamara <> wrote:
    > >> >>> Does accept() report errors when Postfix is built without MySQL?
    > >> >>
    > >> >> Same errors are showing up in the logs after a rebuild without MySQL.
    > I did some googling, and only found old hits for freebsd - things like the
    > following seem rather similar, although this is from 2005, and surely would
    > have been addressed by now (or there would be a lot more reports):
    > Are you using an SMP machine and kernel? Maybe try without SMP? Might also
    > be worth trying with a 32 bit kernel.
    > I have a vague memory of some old versions of Linux doing something like
    > this when the socket was closed by the remote end between userspace being
    > notified that listening socket was ready, and the accept being performed.
    > If you're feeling keen, you could create a stress test that rapidly opened
    > and closed sockets (or use a port scanning tool to do the same - nmap?)

    FWIW, I've seen Linux 2.2 accept() return EPIPE. This
    made smtpd die, because of the unexpected, and
    undocumented kernel behavior. Sadly, those machines
    do not exist anymore, and the problem was rare, so the
    issue never got enough priority for a full dissection. I recall
    it was a fairly recent kernel, 2.2.19 plus patches. Those
    machines were doing border-mx, with high connection
    rates and traffic levels.


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