Re: cryptic error messages

From: Rich Morin (no email)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 14:16:43 EST

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    At 12:48 PM -0500 2/1/07, Wietse Venema wrote:
    > What you see is software that MIS-LABELS a perfectly
    > normal Postfix activity record as an error.

    I found the culprit (a locally-written script that wasn't
    as well written as it should have been :-/). Sigh.

    > ... lookupd is not part of Postfix.

    Agreed. lookupd is part of Mac OS X. However, we are only
    having problems with lookupd on the machine g3po and this
    machine runs essentially nothing but postfix. Specifically,
    it discards the 99% of our incoming email that is not for
    valid recipients.

    So, my guess is that postfix is doing some sort of lookup
    (lookupd handles various kinds) on a very frequent basis,
    causing lookupd to use too much memory, etc.

    I realize that this is an Apple-specific problem, but I'm
    hoping that someone on this list might be able to help me
    track it down. The lookupd(8) man page says:

      The lookupd daemon acts as an information broker and
      cache. It is called by various routines in the System
      framework to find information about user accounts,
      groups, printers, e-mail aliases and distribution lists,
      computer names, Internet addresses, and several other
      kinds of information.

    Unfortunately, this covers quite a lot of territory. I
    hope I don't have to go into the postfix source code to
    find out what kinds of information requests it is making
    that _might_ be handed off to lookupd!


    P.S. I'm filing a bug report on this to Apple.

    --            Rich Morin     +1 650-873-7841
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